Open Digita Services: Installation


System Requirements

A new feature of ODS is connecting to cameras across the USB port; using this feature requires kernel support for USB devices. USB support is currently available for linux in two ways: by getting a recent version of the 2.3 development kernel, or by getting a "backport" of USB to the 2.2 kernel.

The 2.3 kernel is available from The Linux Kernel Archive. Be warned, however, that the 2.3 kernels are development kernels, and may not be suited for day-to-day use.

The USB backport is the 2.3 USB drivers ported back to the 2.2 (stable) kernel. It is available as a patch to the 2.2.14 kernel distribution; more information is available from Suse's backport page.



ODS 0.0.3 is available from


Building ODS

ODS now uses configure scripts (although our configure setup is still pretty rough -- please report any configure problems to us). First unpack the distribution:

    tar xzf opendis-0.0.3.tar.gz
    cd opendis-0.0.3

Then configure and build ODS:

    make install

During development, ODS is built using the glibc-2 libraries, but it should also build and work with libc5. It now works on FreeBSD and Solaris 2.x too. If not, let us know.

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