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New, April 22 , 2000: IrDA supported!

New, March 9, 2000: CVS opened.

New, January 31, 2000: Version 0.0.3 released.


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About Digita

Digita is an "operating environment" designed by Flashpoint Technology specifically for use in digital imaging products, and currently found in digital cameras such as the Kodak DC-290 and Minolta EX-1500. Digita provides cameras with a graphical user interface, enables developers to write scripts for the camera, and manages the host interface by which images are downloaded to PCs from the camera.

Neither Flashpoint nor Kodak provide Linux software for interfacing with the Kodak cameras. However, Kodak has released the Host Interface Specification (HIS), written by Flashpoint, which describes how to communicate with Digita cameras.

Note: Digita is a trademark of Flashpoint Technology, Inc. This page is not sponsored, supported, or sanctioned by FlashPoint Technology, Inc. or the Eastman Kodak Company.


About ODS

ODS, the Open Digita Services project, is an effort to write Open Source tools for accessing Digita cameras from Linux and other unix operating systems.

ODS has been tested with and is known to work with the following cameras:

  • Kodak DC-220
  • Kodak DC-260
  • Kodak DC-265
  • Kodak DC-290
The Minolta EX-1500 has been reported to work with ODS, but the interface needs some debugging. Any EX-1500 owners who want to actively help debug ODS on the EX-1500 should contact the project members (see below).

ODS will not support cameras that don't use Digita; this includes the Kodak DC-200, DC-210, DC-240, DC-280, and earlier cameras.



ODS source code is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.


Project Members

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